Monday, March 1, 2010

Maple Leaf Forever

The past two weeks (Feb. 12 - 28) has been the best days of my life by far. The Olympic torch came to Surrey on the 8th. Then that Friday the 12th marked the beginning of a new light for all Canadians. I spent a good deal of my break downtown Vancouver, particularly Robson Square. Ignite the Dream, with light shows, flames and fireworks! The friendly sea of red and white never looked so damn happy. With free concerts and street performers, there was never a crowd-less moment. From opening to closing ceremonies, the sports never once lacked any intensity. The 21st Winter Olympic Games marked the beginning of a new decade, but most importantly a new age. Perfect to quote Bob Hunter who said that Vancity is home to "the biggest concentration of tree-huggers, radicalized students, garbage-dump stoppers, shit-disturbing unionists, freeway fighters, pot smokers and growers, aging Trotskyites, condo killers, farmland savers, fish preservationists, animal rights activists, back-to-the-landers, vegetarians, nudists, Buddhists, and anti-spraying, anti-pollution marchers and picketers in the country, per capita, in the world." And proud we are! Although a number of Canadians were strongly against the event taking part here in Vancouver, they must feel a sense of patriotic togetherness knowing the turnout of medals. Every one of those medals won by Canadians is fondly thought of, but clearly it seems that the last win was the only one sought. Mens Hockey 2010 will forever be remembered for eons to come because it was Canada that defeated USA at home. Red, white and GOLD.