Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do Not Be Afraid of the Pungency

Have you ever seen a large spiky fruit in asian marketplaces? Sầu riêng in my mother tongue also known as Durian fruit. I'll be honest, I think you have be exposed to this from birth to really love the taste because after all, to taste food you must smell it. Durian, smells like fermenting garbage but it tastes very sweet.. Quite exciting actually, every time you watch the thick spiky outer layer be removed, you are fascinated by how many little yellow sections you can find inside. They're all hiding. The flesh itself is very delicate, the section is enclosed in a soft skin which you eat, once you bite into it the texture is very creamy and fibrous. Those fibres are attached to a tim bit sized seed. It is easy to confuse Durian and Jackfruit known as Mít in Vietnamese. Jackfruit also looks like a chestnut on steroids but it's fruit is much different. Jackfruit flesh also yellow but rubbery and smells quite sweet. It amazes me how both durian and jackfruit are grown from trees.. and there are brave people out there who pick them.

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