Tuesday, August 10, 2010


That's right, there's shitake mushroom, clam and octopus in the spoon, plus imitation crab in the soup.
Just thought I'd share my typical bowl of noodles with you. Its just what I have available in the fridge and freezer that day. Start with your favorite pack of instant noodles, add some veggies, meat, and voila!

Theres a pack of Nongshim Neoguri in Spicy Seafood...
-2 tbsp dried shitake mushroom
-1/4 cup frozen veggies, clams and octopus
-after i took this picture I found some imitation crab in the fridge and shredded it into small pieces.
-sometimes its nice to put in scallions and cilantro, or what I do when the noodles aren't spicy - chili in oil
-soy sauce flavored noodles or anything salty can use a squeeze of lime

I almost always have dried shitake and frozen octopi on hand.

Instant noodles are a must in my household.

Follow the cooking directions on the package. I boil 500mL(2 cups) of water. Add the frozen octopus (give it a head start), the seasonings, dried mushroom, clams, and imitation crab.Then the frozen veggies (or at the end after the noodles are soft)

I put the meats in before the noodles because my meats were frozen. Then add the noodles in and cook until your desired softness. I personally don't like soft expanded noodles.

mmm the seaweed in the soup makes its soo seafood-y

serve hot and enjoy!

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