Friday, December 10, 2010

Hột Vịt Lộn : Not For The Faint Of The Heart

It definitely is one of those things that you have to be brought up with. Like durian, shrimp paste, pickled crabs, and even cheese, for some a duck embryo is just too much of a taste risk to try let alone swallow. It does not smell foul (though the ones that do are considered even more of a delicacy), it is a perfectly harmless food. Unless you swallow the egg whole.

In Vietnamese cuisine, we eat our under developed duck embryos with Vietnamese coriander and muối tiêu chanh which simply means salt pepper lime, our favorite dip (next to fish sauce). The coriander is peppery to balance the richness of the egg. Salt and pepper is a must for everything and in Vietnamese cuisine lime is also a staple.
I position the round end of my egg up in my shot glass. Why a shot glass and not my hand or the egg carton? Because I love it that much.
Crack the shell open at the top.
Theres a bit of membrane covering everything, break it open. Slurp the broth, it's heavenly.
If this picture is too much, keep scrolling, it gets better.
You can see the yolk and something unidentifiable.
I am not sick. You are just living in a box. Get out of it and try this!

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