Thursday, June 10, 2010

Prawns in Panko

This is oh so very easy to make. I used an already made batter mix to which just add water. Peel the body of the shrimp leaving the tail on (no secret - I like munching on tails, full of good protein to cleanse your intestinals). Mix the batter in one bowl and put panko (Japanese breadcrumbs) in a separate bowl.  Be sure to pat your shrimp dry so that there is very little excess water. Hold the tail to dip the body into the batter and swirl it around to coat evenly. The batter will drip a little so quickly get the shrimp into the panko and gently sprinkle on the crumblies. I deep fry the old school way, pot on stove. Medium-high heat, to test the oil, sprinkle a little bit of batter or bread crumb over oil and if it sizzles and begins to bubble then you are good. If your shrimps instantly drop to the bottom of the pot then wait a little! Deep fry until golden.

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