Friday, December 10, 2010

Chicken Phở

I loved Phở when I ate red meat. This is not a dish or just any bowl of soup, it's a meal. Traditionally it uses almost every part of the cow. Bones full of rich marrow make a delicious broth after at least 4 hours of cooking. Rice noodles are then topped off with different cuts of steak, brisket, tripe and beef balls. The simmering broth is what makes Phở so unique and exquisite. However, I have only been eating chicken broth Phở for the past two years. It certainly does not compare to it's beef counterpart but is equally as unique.

On the right is my mother's great big pot of beef stock that has been cooking for hours, to the left is my petite pot of chicken broth with the same spices.

Star anise
Cinnamon bark
Daikon radish
Ginger root
Chicken meat
Rice Noodle
Green Onion

In boiling water, cook rice noodles until soft.
Add chicken meat, a mixture of brown and white is tasty.
Ladle broth over noodles.
My sister eats beef pho plain like this.
Chop your scallions and parsley.
Sprinkle desired amount over top, usually it's 1tbsp for garnish, I love onions and parsley though.
Yes something is still missing..

A side dish of basil, bean sprouts, chili, hoisin sauce and hot sauce. A lime wedge would be nice too.
That's more like it!
See? Chicken pho can be amazing!

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