Friday, September 24, 2010

Cure to the Common Cold?

Udon topped with crunchy bits, shredded cabbage, kim chi, green onion and a poached egg. All served in dashi broth.
Last night I had gone to sleep with a pounding headache, my neck and shoulders tense. So this morning I woke up to another day with the cold. Needless to say, when you're ill with anything you don't really have the motivation to cook! Especially if you're craving something delicious, you can't bring yourself to execute such complicated tasks. I can't even stand waiting for the water to boil in order to have a cup of tea. Here it is, cooking for the cold.

-1 pack of udon (comes with soup mix and crunchy bits)
You may not want to use the soup package that comes with the udon because it contains MSG and a lot of salt. A nice alternative is a healthy spoonful of miso paste. A can of msg-free chicken broth is also delicious.
-1 egg, poached
-Add your favorite things. I had half a head of cabbage in the fridge, I shredded about 1/2 cup into my soup. I always have a jar of kim chi in the fridge too, put 1/4 cup that in the soup.
-optional: top your soup with dried nori, green onion, crunchy bits (comes with the udon pack), chili, tempura, bean sprouts, etc..

Boil about 2 cups of water. Add the soup mix, udon and any vegetables. The udon untangles as it boils, but you don't want to break it when separating the strands. Also, you are only warming the udon up, once it untangles, it is done! Do not cook it any longer than that or you're gonna have very mushy glutenous noodles.
I love kim chi! I eat it by it self, with my rice dishes, in salads, and also in soup noodles! I turned off the heat then added the shredded cabbage and kim chi.

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