Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Go Green!

Banh lot (also known as cendol) is a sweet udon dessert made out of rice flour. It is not the easiest thing to make, I've made it with my mother a few times in the past. My refrigerator always has a container of these worm-like jellies in water. My moms friend makes it every single week and distributes containers to her friends.
Very odd looking. Green is from coloring the mixture with pandan extract, which also gives it a very distinctive fragrance.
This is simple syrup made with rock or cane sugar. It sweetens the flavorless jellies. Often I mistaken it for fish sauce when it's sitting in a container.
This right here is debatable, what to eat the cendol with? When you buy banh lot in stores, they give you a bag of syrup and a bag of coconut milk. Coconut milk is very rich, and milk tends to be a little thin. At my house we like coconut milk and milk, but lately the new trend here is half and half.
spoon 3/4 cup of the banh lot into a glass leaving out as much water as you can (the water keeps the noodles from sticking)
Sweeten it with your desired amount, I like 3 tbsp.

Add in some half and half, enjoy!

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